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Things to Do for Securing your AWS Account

Most of the users start  AWS with one-year  free tier account. There were many hacking incidents for such accounts which ended up in huge monthly bills. This happens because of many reasons, For example, you may commit your code to a public code repository with your AWS access and secret keys and a hacker would get access to account and launch high capacity instances. This would result in a huge monthly usage bill. We can avoid account being getting hacked just by applying few security policies and following best practices.


Renjith George

What is MBaaS? How its helps Enterprise mobile application development?


MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service)

We have been introduced to the MBaaS model during the year 2015. We had a client requirement which demanded Office 365 authentication. MBaaS models were one of the emerging players and we decided to find a robust solution from them based on our feature set and we were very happy with the outcome. Before moving on to the details let’s see what initiated the emergence of MBaaS.


Sumi Joseph